My Current Oily Skincare Routine  

Photography by Laura Dominguez , Styling by Elizabeth Torvik

When it comes to skincare it’s absolutely important that you find out what type of skin you have. This will help when trying to find the perfect skincare products for your skin. I personally have oily skin. 

In this post I’m going to discuss what products I recommend for oily skin type, but proceed with caution as some products may or may not be for you, depending on your type of skin because everyone is different. 

Face wash– Its good to use a foaming face wash, because the foam helps get rid of excess oil and also makes your face feel less oily. I like to use Dr. Bronner’s tea tree soap because tea tree is good for the skin and their soaps foam up and gets rid of any dirty on the skin. 

Toner– This great for your skin as it removes any excess dirt or oil that your face wash did not remove. I like to use a witch hazel toner. 

Moisturizer– Although you have oily skin you still want to moisturize because overdrying the face could mean for more oil production. A great moisturizer for oily skin would be one that is Oil free . 

Face Masks– Its great to use a face mask once or twice a week that will detoxify and clean out your pores. Clay masks are amazing for oily skin because they detoxify and pull out excess oils in the skin. Freeman has great masks that help with oil skin. Most of their masks can be used as face washes as well so you get 2 in 1. 

Hope you all enjoyed reading and you found this post helpful. Talk to you all in my next post, muah! 

Ole Henriksen Skincare Review 

The key to beautiful makeup is healthy skin. Healthy skin, to me, is one that is clean. I don’t believe anyone has “perfect skin” because anyone’s skin can fall under the categories of dry, sinsitive , acne prone , oily, or combination. Even if you have “normal” skin you still may have problems in one of the areas mentioned. 

Personally I deal with oilyness when I wear makeup, and for a while now I have researched ways in helping reduce the amount of oily I produce. Based on my research I found that it’s great to tone the skin in order to get rid of pore buildup that your face wash did not get, and it’s good to moisturize after toning, because although your trying to reduce oil buildup you do not want your skin too dry. 

With that being said I’m using a toner that works well but could be better, and I have yet to find a good moisturizer for oily skin. 

Influenster was kind enough to send me a complimentary VoxBox including three new skincare products from Ole Henriksen. The products cater to oily skin and it’s a three step system. The box included a face wash, toner, and moisturizer. All products have a refreshing smell because their infused with Eukalyptus and Peppermint. 

Oil Control Cleanser 

The cleanser comes in two sizes a 2 oz. / 60ml ($10) and a 5 oz. / 147 ml ($25) . This  is a  foam cleanser which is preferred if you have oily skin because they are typically drying. It’s also great to have because it requires less product use which in turn results in your product lasting longer. I personally like the cleanser because I feel refreshed after using it and although it’s a foam cleanser my face is not completely dried out, and my face is still left moisturizer without the oily feeling.My skin also feels and looks cleaner compared to when I was using my previous cleanser (Mario Budescu- more of a gel cleanser). 

Balancing Oil Control Toner 

This toner only comes in one size which is a 6.5 oz./ 193ml that retails for $26 . This is a decent size in that you won’t need a lot of toner every time you reach for it. This toner makes my face feel firm and matte. After using the face wash I do not feel completely matte, so the toner cleanses the pores more and gets rid of any buildup that the face wash did not get and really tones my face . Although I feel more matte after using the toner it still does not dry out my skin too much. 

Counter Balance Oil Hydrator 

The Hydrator comes only in a 1.7 oz/ 50ml retailing for $34. This moisturizer helps bring the moisture back into my skin after cleansing and toning without feeling too cakey or oily. It dries quickly and makes my face feel smooth and soft for the day/night. With this, only a small amount is needed for the entire face. I use about 1-2 pumps and it works well for me. 

After using all three steps in this system I can really say that my skin has improved. I usually do all three steps at night, and tone and hydrate in the morning before applying makeup and I’m good to go. I have made it through an entire day without feeling as oily as I normally feel.  I still get oily but I can tell that the buildup is not as heavy as it once was. I’m confident that as I continue to use this system I will continue to see more results. After finishing up the system I am sure I will go and purchase all three products, because I am a strong believer in sticking with something that works. 

Thank you all for making it through this extensive review. I hope you all enjoyed and if you have any questions please feel free to ask. Talk to you all in my next post, muah!