Makeup Brush Cleaner Hack

Do y’all ever use Pinterest as your personal “google”? I swear Dario always gets mad when I result to Pinterest to look up things other than google, lol. I can’t help myself Pinterest always has the best and most unique answers. A while back I noticed on Pinterest that someone used Dawn Dish Soap as […]

LIPP Beautifully Review 

Recently, @CurlInfluencer contacted me about working with LIPP Beautifully to promote their range of nude shades. Of course I was all in because a girl can never have enough nudes, amiright?! These samples were sent to me complimentary of Curl Influence, but all opinions are my own.  Lip Beautifully is a black woman owned company […]

How to GLOW Better 

Have you ever heard of the term #highlightpoppin? Well if you haven’t , it references to a very blinding highlight. In order to blind people you need to have a pigmented highlight and a technique that will have the sun praising your cheek bones. Highlight is my favorite part of my makeup routine because it […]