Motivation Monday: Our Favorite Snacks under 10g of Fat

Hey guys, Daresha and Dario here , we said we will be starting to do more fitness and nutritional lifestyle posts here , so here’s another one for the books. Make sure to stay updated as we will be posting these “motivational Monday” posts every Monday. Also let us know in the comments what you would like to see or any questions you would like us to answer.

So we thought it would be fun to write a post about our favorite snacks that just so happen to be all under 10g of fat. I guess you can say these are definitely more healthier choices than your average snacks. Also these are just some of the snacks we enjoy so feel free to tell us what’s your favorite “healthy” snack to eat.

One thing that I (Dario) like to look at when I purchase snacks is the fat content and the fat content per serving. What some people may not know is that a product may have low fat but if it’s low fat for one chip you may not want to purchase because we all get enticed to eat more, but if a bag a chips is low fat for about 6-7 chips then that’s a better option to pick up. So I like to recommend reading your nutrition fats when purchasing your snacks.

I (Daresha) also like to eat healthy snacks that are not only good for my body but are also good to eat. I can be really picky when it comes to food especially some foods that may be good for the body but may not look good to eat. I wanted to include snacks that you may have seen before and snacks that are sweet to eat as well.

Other Helpful Tips to Know:

Its good to also look at the amount of calories that is contained in the serving size because calories can be a big deal if your looking to lose weight (we can do another Posts separately discussing this if you all would like). Also I (Dario) believe it’s best to invest in a food scale to measure out your food instead of going off of the number amount for the serving. For example the Okra Snax says 10 pcs or 28g, it’s best to weigh 28g on a food scale so you can know that your getting that amount of serving and not over the amount. Counting 10 pcs could mean potentially going over the serving size as some pieces are bigger than others.

We hope that you enjoyed this post and get excited for more posts to come in the future. Please let us know what posts you would like to see on Motivational Mondays.


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    1. That great ! Their all our favorites I couldn’t narrow them down either lol


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