The Body Shop Himalayan Mask Review

I've always liked trying out masks but I've never really had high hopes for any of them as I hardly seen results. That was until I tried this sample size of The Body Shop's Himalayan Charcoal Mask. I didn't have much expectation as I tried a different mask from this brand so I just tried this one out to refresh my skin.

This mask is geared towards tightening your pores. It's also great for oily skin because it dries out impurities from your skin.

Initially when applying the masks it was very cooling and eventually felt tingly. The first few moments I realized that the mask tinglyness became a little more intense (not in a burning way though) and the mask began to dry and tighten onto my skin.

I left the mask on for the full 10 minutes (the package suggests 5-10 minutes). Then after the 10 minutes the package said to rinse with warm water. As I began to rinse the mask felt like an exfoliant from the charcoal and green tea leaves.

I love how my pores were tightened and how this mask really drained the impurities out of my skin. I don't recommend this type of mask for sensitive skin because of how it felt when I rinsed the mask off. I do like it for oily skin type and I would suggest using it once , maybe twice a week at the most.

I love that this brand offers this sample size to try out for less than $3 at Ulta and offers the bigger packaging for $28. This is a great price because comparing it to the Glam Glow mud masks this works amazing and for around half the price.

Have you all tried any amazing masks lately or skincare in general? Let me know in the comments, I would love to try out new products. Hope you all enjoyed today's post, talk to you all in my next one, muah!


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