Boho Chic- Transforming Old Styles

Are you getting tired of the clothing in your closet? Well this post is dedicated to you if you are. I want to encourage you all to keep those old pieces because they may be of some use. The clothing in featuring in today's post is older but it going to share with you why I hung on to them and why you should hang on to some of your old pieces.

I like to hang on to things that won't go out of style or has character to it. Take this romper I'm featuring in today's post for example. I've had this romper for two years but what's kept me from throwing it out is the beautiful detailing of the embroidery on it. To this day I have not seen any other romper out there like it. Keep these type of items because their rare and you will always catch someone's eye when your rocking it.

Staple items like this ribbed duster is always convenient when your elevating an outfit or wearing it casually. I like to keep items like this very simple so that it lasts me a while because it will match just about anything that I pair with it. It's also two years old but I've worn it so much and that's because it's a staple in my closet.

The shoes being featured in this post were my aunts before she gave them to me. Their older but they still look good as new. I keep most of my older shoes, especially heels because you never know when you'll need that perfect heel to add flavor to an outfit.

I would like to add that I like to invest the money into staple items that I know I will wear for a while because the items last longer. Good quality will last you longer than you think. As far as "on trend" clothing I try to buy cheaper styles from H&M and Forever 21 for example because the style may not be around for long.

I hope this post has helped you with keeping some of your old styles and revamping them like new. Let me know if you have any pieces that you are deciding to hang on to. Talk to you all in my next post, muah!


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