Benefits of Babie Butter 

Hey Goldens, I’m here with another post, and I will be telling you all about the benefits of Babie Butter. Babie Butter is handmade by the company Sugababie. Sugababie is a one woman show that makes natural hair and body butters for the whole family to enjoy. Sugababie reached out to me to review their best selling Babie Butter. I did receive the Butter complimentary but all thoughts are my own. 

Texture & Smell: Due to the product having Shea Butter inside the texture is thick but once you smooth out the butter in your hands it becomes manageable to apply to the skin. If you tried out Shea Butter before then this product will be no different in texture from that. The smell , to me, is also no different than Shea butter. Although it has a combination of different things that carry scents it remains pretty calm in the scent department. 

 What’s inside : 

  • Mango Butter 
  • Cocoa Butter
  • Shea butter 
  • Organic Lavender Essential Oil 
  • Coconut Oil 
  • Peppermint Essential Oil 
  • Mango and Warm Coconut Fragrance Oil 

What I use it for: 

  • Hands/Cutiles- I tried the butter on my hands first because that’s where I have the most issues with dryness. The product soaked into my skin and left my hands soft and moisturized. The product also did not feel to greasy on my hands. In fact, after a minute or two my hands did not have the residue of the product but yet they were moisturized. I like that about this product because with being on the go I do not want to have sticky or greasy hands. 
  • Lip balm – The next thing I tried this product on was my lips. I wanted to see if this would hold up on another dry area of my skin. My lips tend to get chapped easily and I always have to keep them moisturized. The product , once rubbed in, was smooth and locked in moisture, but I’m someone who likes thicker consistencies for a lip balm so I would rarely have to reapply. With this product I had to continue to reapply because I felt that my lips weren’t getting as much love. But if your not like me and you want a nonthick lip balm then this would be great for you. 
  • Skin-  Just as the product worked amazing on my hands it worked amazing on my body. I used it once I showered and it kept my skin moisturized throughout the day. Unlike other products like lotions I did not have to reapply. This is because the Shea Butter is so rich and thick that it locks in moisture unlike the lotions that are on the market now. I did have to use some elbow grease to get the product into my skin but I didn’t mind because it’s much better to do that then to have to reapply throughout the day. 

Final Thoughts 

  • I received the smallest size (2 oz) that Sugababie sells but I feel that it will still take me a while to finish because a little really does go a long way. 
  • I love how Sugababie incorporates different natural ingredients that are good for the skin because buying this product alone is cheaper than having to buy all of the ingredients yourself. Essential oils alone are very expensive. 
  • The company is very helpful and wants to make the customer happy. I know this to be true because I did not receive my first package from Sugababie, and Sugababie was kind enough to send another package for me to test out. Also their response to the issue was quick and it did not take long to get another package sent out. 

Thank you Sugababie for sending me your Babie Butter to review and thank you all for reading today’s post, I will talk to all in my next one, muah! 


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