7 Reasons to check out Shop Loe Cal 

L- Sugar & Spice , R- Toffe
Toffe Highlighter
Sugar & Spice Highlighter

Hey Goldens, I want to talk about Shop Loe Cal, an online shop with AMAZING highlighters. In this post I will be featuring the highlighter shades Toffe and Sugar & Spice. These highlighters deliver every ounce of glow that your looking for. Seriously, they don’t disappoint. I want to explain six reasons why I feel like you should check out Shop Loe Cal’s online shop. This post is not sponsored, all opinions are mine. 

Black owned small business 

 I began to love this shop when I seen the many tweets of their highlighters, but after finding out that Shop Loe Cal was a black owned small business I fell in love with them even more. I feel that it’s important for us to support small businesses because we all have dreams and aspirations, and it’s important to support one another just as we would want someone to support us. Also I’m a black woman and I would love to support other black businesses in any way that I can. 


 I cannot put into words how buttery their highlighters are. One touch and my hand smoothly glides the surface. These buttery highlighters are great for swatches and if you want to pick up a good amount of pigment for a lid color. 


 Ummmm… when I tell you that I have to be careful of how much product I pick up on my brush, it’s crazy! The most gentle baby touch is needed when applying the highlighters. Especially with the shade Toffe. I love that the pigment is so vivid because you really get a lot for what you pay for. 


 If you decide to purchase a highlight without a compact it’s $13, but if you want a compact with it then it’s $15. To me this is very inexpensive when you compare the of Shop Loe Cal to the price of other highlighters like Becca whose highlight’s price at $34 each. You could really buy multiple highlighters for the price of one Becca highlight. Literally more bang for your buck! 

Variety of products

Although this post is dedicated to Shop Loe Cal’s highlighters they also carry a variety of other products. Their online store has highlighters, glosses, skincare, highlighter drops, pressed eyeshadows, loose pigments, and glitters! So you have no excuse to not find something you like on the shop. 

Discount codes – Since I’ve known about this brand I have seen multiple codes that they offer as well as receiving a 20% off code when you get your order in the mail. This brand is already inexpensive but they are very generous when it comes to their coupon codes. This gives you an even better chance to try something from their shop. Currently they have a coupon code for 35% off to celebrate 4th of July . The code SAVE35 will give you 35% off of your order until July 4th, 2017. Also when you leave a review on their site you can revive a $5 off code for your next purchase. 

Great service 

I had two situations that occurred since placing an order on the site. The first was the shop having to switch companies who they receive their money from. Luckily I was not in the bunch who had to receive funds back and repurchase , but if I was, the brand was nice enough to offer 50% off for the inconvenience. The second incident occurred when I received the wrong tracking information. I contacted the brand on their website and I received an email with them willing to help. Luckily it was just a switching of the tracking numbers and not the actual purchase, but if it was I was confident that the brand was going to do whatever they could to help me. 

Thank you all for reading my thoughts on Shop Loe Cal. I hope this helps you out if you were thinking about making purchases from this brand or learn about new small businesses. Talk to you all in my next post, muah! 


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