7 Tips & 11 Tricks for Fashion Blogging 

 Having a fashion blog can be hard work, especially when keeping up with the latest trends. Today I’m sharing some of my tips and tricks that are budget friendly and will help when it comes to your latest post for your fashion blog. These tips & tricks can also be used for nonbloggers as well, so grab your favorite snack and a notepad because things are about to get real. 

Tip #1: Don’t be afraid of high end brands 

Many people believe that staying within your budget means that you have to stay away from the high end brands. Well I’m here to tell ya that that is not true. I shop at Nordstrom, Urban Outfitters, Free People, etc. and I find great pieces that do not break the bank. Trick #1: Shop on the sale racks. You will be amazed at what you may find. I’ve found amazing deals on things that I thought would never go on sale. Trick #2: If your eyeing something that may be out of your price range then add it to your wishlist on the site (you may need the app or a login to do so) and keep eyeing the product until it goes on sale. This has to be my most favorite trick because it really works. For example, I have a wishlist on the Nordstrom app and I check it everyday to see if there are any price matches or sales on the items I’ve been eyeing. Trick #3 Look up other stores to see if the item you want is cheaper so that way you can price match if the store allows. 

Tip #2: Shop the end of the year/season sales 

This is the best time to rack up on your clothing and on things that’ve caught your eye throughout the year. Most stores have a sales ad to give you a sneak peak of what may have went on sale. Utilize this as your guide so you know what you want before hand and you can plan out your budget. Trick #4: Try to show your face during back to school sales, tax free weekend, black f riday events, cyber Monday, and before Christmas and after Christmas sales. These sales will help you save money and most of the time you save on brand new items that have recently came out. Trick #5: It’s best to save up before these events so that you can splurge a little. 

Tip #3: Purchase year round pieces 

Having on trend items can be nice but you want to purchase things that you will wear a year or two in the future. This will save you money in the long run. Trick #6: Try to purchase pieces that will never go out of style. You want to keep staple items in your closet like a lbd (little black dress) , jean jacket, leather jacket, black jeans, etc. Madewell is a great place to find neutral year round colors and classic pieces. Trick #7 If you are itching to buy the latest item thats on trend try to find a cheaper version of the item, so that in case your not feeling it in the next month or so atleast it didn’t break the bank. 

Tip #4: Price Adjustment 

Some stores , like Nordstrom, price adjust their items which is helpful because you get some change back on a purchase. Trick #8: To keep an eye out for things that you’ve bought and can price adjust keep them in your wishlist so when they go on sale you can price adjust the item. 

Tip #5: Find dupes for designer brands 

I’ve recently started to use this tip when I’m eyeing a designer handbag. Most brands make designer dupes because they know many people may not afford a $1,000 Gucci bag. I used to be too prideful and would just say I’ll wait until I have the money to get the real thing but many bags aren’t really worth the tag that’s attached to them. For example, take the Gucci Super Mini Dionysus ($740), this bag is too small for the price tag. You will be lucky if you can fit more than your phone and a card case in the bag. Trick #9: If you do decide to splurge on an item make sure it is worth every penny. For example if it’s a bag make sure it’s versatile with any outfit, has a lot of compartments, and can fit your essentials. 

Tip #6: Don’t overlook outlets 

Many people say outlets aren’t really a big difference from the mall but I’ve found amazing deals at outlets. Brands send out of season or items that didn’t sell well in stores to outlets. The brand really wants to get rid of the items to make space for other items so you will find good deals there. You can get your designer and non-designer brands there and you may find that you get more bang for your buck, as you can buy more with your money. 

Tip #7: Save Save Save 

 It’s ironic that I’m mentioning this tip because I tend to have a shopping addiction but it works. What I like to do is think deeply about what I’m about to purchase. I ask myself if I really need this and am I buying this just because it’s cute. These questions help me because 9/10 I end up not buying the item(s). Trick #10: Try to stay off of shopping sites. This may be hard because social media is a monster and you may see something really cute on Instagram but try to bite the bullet. I stayed off of the Nordstrom site for 4 months because I was committed to not buying anything. This really helped because when I look on the site just to “look” I end up wanting and that want urges me to buy. Practice this for a week or two and see the difference it makes to your pocket book. Trick #11: Buy when you need. If there’s an event coming up then you can use this as an excuse to buy yourself something but other than that try not to make any purchases. 

Thank you all for stopping by to read this post. Let me know if you have any tips or tricks of your own when it comes to shopping and saving money. Talk to you all in my next post, muah! 

Photography by Noel Dawn Photography –  Website: noelldawnphotography.com , Instagram: @noelldawnphotography ,


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