Aurora vs. Moonchild Glowkit 

Finger vs. Brush swatches without flash
Finger vs. Brush swatches with flash

Hey Goldens, in today post I wanted to talk about how the Aurora Glowkit differs from the Moonchild Glowkit.  Norvina (Anastasia Beverly Hills Creative Director) said herself that the two were different. This post is dedicated to explaining why their different and why I recommend the Aurora glowkit over the moonchild kit. 

Aurora has similar vibrant colors as moonchild and when swatched the colors seem as bright as moonchild. At first glance you would believe that this kit is just for the young at heart but I’m here to tell you that it’s more practical than you think. 


  • is much softer when touched compared to moonchild that has a much chalkier feeling. 
  • has amazing reflective undertones compared to moonchild. 
  • is buildable so if you don’t want a bold look you don’t need much , but if you do then you can pack on as much as you desire. 
  • is sheer in that it’s more practical to wear for natural looks.
  • is easier to blend.
  • does not look patchy when swatched with a brush. 

I can see myself reaching for Aurora on the regular as the colors blend smoothly  into my skin and give me a natural glow. 

Don’t be afraid of its packaging or the vivid colors that pop out. Aurora will be your friend for any look. 

Will you be picking this glowkit up or do you already have it? Let me know how you feel whether you have purchased it or not. Talk to you all in my next post, muah! 


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