“Guide To The Empty Nest” Book Review 

Hey Goldens , today I’m coming at ya with another book review. This one is beyond my years a little, but I think it was still a great book for me to take into prespective now and in the future. The authors Barbara Rainey and Susan Yates wrote this book as a guide to help women during their time of the empty nest. 

The empty nest is the time when your kid(s) are grown up and out of the house. As a mother,  most spend their time all throughout their child’s life nurturing and providing for their baby. So when that time comes to wish them off into their new lives it can be pretty hard. 

Rainey and Yates speak on marriage, parents, friendship, and personal growth throughout this book. Although I’m not yet married or have kids it’s still a great book to have around when that time comes and to read so that I understand more about how my mom may feel. 

My mom and I have an amazing relationship and from what I know when I left for college she did not go through any pain, but from reading this book I realized that our moms are stronger than what we think. Although my mom and I talk everyday she still misses me. I also have a brother and sister who are getting ready to leave the nest soon, so my mom could go through more pain when they leave as realization begins to kick in.

Then again my mom could be different and not go through any pain. Although this book is a self help book through the empty nest it also explains how everything mentioned may not be your situation. What I really like about this book is that it gave excerpts from real women who have gone through or will go through the empty nest stage in their lives. 

This book is great for moms or any colleges aged woman and up, because it prepares you for stages in your life that you do not even think of. This book gave me a closer look on how my life will change throughout my adult years and how to cope with that change. I enjoyed reading this book because it opened my eyes and prepared me for the years to come. Although it sounds scary, I know I can refer to this book for guidance along the way. 

What books have you read recently? What have you learned from them that will help you through life? Talk to you all in my next post, muah! 

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