4 Tips to Keep Your Purse or Bag Organized

Have you ever had a time when your purse/bag was disfunctional (I will mention bags in this post as well because these tips can help with organization for a backpack or any other bag as welll)? It seems like every time I’m trying to look for something in my bag is when my bag is the most unorganized. I try to keep my purse up to par so that everything has its own place and it’s easier to find what I need. I want to share with you all my tips on how I keep my purse organized and why you should start, if you haven’t already. 

Tip #1: Always have mini bags on deck 

My friend and I used to always have mini bags within our main bag and people would call us crazy but it works. Having small makeup bags or mini pouches is the #1 tip for a reason. This allows your bag to stay and remain clutter free! Depending on the size of your bag you can determine how many and what size your mini bags need to be. I like to bunch things together that fall under the same family so that I have less mini bags. For example, I cluster all makeup, perfume, and toilestrees in one bag because they are things that I may need and possibly use in the restroom. This, for me, is one of my biggest mini bags.

Tip #2: Get rid of unwanted trash 

Raise your hand if you’ve had reciepts, candy wrappers, or any other undesirable trash in your bag (*raises two hands*). I am notorious for doing this, especially when I’m on the move because I don’t have time to file receipts or throw away trash. This can pile up in your purse because once you get home you will most likely forget about it. So my advice to you is to go through your bag atleast one every few days to get rid of the trash. This will declutter your bag and will surprisingly make more room and make your bag feel lighter. 

Tip #3: Pack only the necessities 

I have an issue with this as I think I need any and everything in my bag. You don’t want to be a hoarder within your bag. Let loose of things that you know you won’t use, atleast things you won’t use during a specific outing so you will have more space. For me these things include- headphones, jewelry, and extra makeup. This also with make your bag lighter as well. 

Tip #4: Use all compartments in your bag 

Purses typically come with pockets so that you can store things like your phone in. Use them. Sometimes I forget to use these pockets because I just throw things into my bag without actually storing them properly. This can also serve as a mini bag in a way because you can use the pockets for certain things like your phone, a roller ball perfume, etc. 

If your having want to make your bag more organized try these tips and let me know what you think. Talk to you all in my next post, muah! 

Featured bag- Kate Spade Newbury Lane Loden in size small 


8 thoughts on “4 Tips to Keep Your Purse or Bag Organized

  1. Tips I need to follow for sure. My bag is notorious for always being such a mess, that I eventually switched to a very small crossbody, but I miss my over sized purses. I will definitely be getting a mini big when I invest in my next purse. Thanks for writing!

    Liked by 1 person

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