Bronzed Glow 

Have you ever tried using a bronzer as a highlighter? Most W.O.C use this method for getting a good sunkissed highlight. Of course you have to get specific bronzers for this but I’ve tried this trick and it’s an A+ in my book.

Here’s why.

I picked up the Physcians Formula Bronze Booster Glow-Boosting Airbrushing Veil in medium/dark from ulta for $14.99. Most bronzers can be pretty expensive so I recommend trying out an inexpensive one if your trying this trick for the first time.

This bronzer has shimmer to it which is what you would want in a bronzer if your planning to use it as a highlight. If you can, I recommend swatching the product before you purchase so that you can get a good feel of how it will look on your skin.

This bronzer in particular was amazingly bronze when I swatched it in the store, but as I kept using it I did notice the bronzer was not as dramatic as it once was. I was okay with this because I still noticed shimmer and it was amazing for a natural glow. 

The top swatch is a brush swatch and the bottom swatch is a finger swatch of just the bronzer itself.

As I began to play around with the bronzer I noticed that the bronzer paired with the shade “bronzed” in the Anastasia Beverly Hills Sundipped glowkit was a match made in heaven ! I like to layer the bronzer on first then add A.B.H’s bronzed over top.

The top swatch is of the two shades swatched with a brush and the bottom swatch is of the two finger swatched.

As you can see the bronzer is more enhanced with A.B.H’s shade bronzed.

In this image I paired the two together. As you can see it gives me a good sunkissed glow. If you would like, you can intensify this to your preference but this is great for a natural glow. I recommend just the bronzer itself or the pairing for anyone who is just starting out with highlight or someone who just wants a glow that’s not as dramatic.

Thank you all for tuning it to read this post. As always. I will talk to you all in my next post,muah!

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