Casual Denim 

Hat| Bralette| Top| Jeans | Neckalace|Watch

I’m loving this denim look. It’s so relaxed and casual. I like to have some sort of staple piece to my casual wear and these jeans are it. Their super comfy and make any outfit pop. I paired the jeans with my Calvin hat because the washes are similar and it just made this look even better. The oversized/flowy top I  paired with the jeans is perfect because it’s soft and relaxed. I bought mine on sale but I linked another style thats similar and is just as awesome. These shirts are so easy to throw on for a casual look and can be worn off the shoulder as well. I kept the jewelry pretty simple with my go-to necklace and watch that match any outfit. And as for the bralette, I wanted to keep it simple with the black color to balance out everything. I love free people and urban outfitters bralettes, their super cheap, comfy, and stylish. 

Did you all notice how I’m formatting the posts now? Let me know if you like this style better of me showing the images first and then adding the text at the end, or if you like the other version of having texts throughout the post. 

Talk to you all in my next post, muah! 


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