“Gifts From Heaven” Book Review 

Hey Goldens, I received another free book from Bethany House Publishers to review. This book is more on the spiritual side but I think it will benefit anyone. Just reading this book I felt grateful of everything in my life, even things I felt that weren’t as important as others. 

This book is compiled of short stories about events that have happened in people’s lives that are “gifts from heaven”. I love the fact that each chapter is quick in that each chapter is a different story. Being that I’m in college I have homework and other activities to tend to so having down time to read is a struggle. With this book I did not feel that way because I easily could take time out of my day to read a short chapter. With other books I may stop at a point in the middle of the chapter and have to read the chapter over again to figure out what’s going on. 

Also with this book you will not get bored quick because each chapter is a new story and it’s told in the point of view of who it happened to. Also the stories range from young adults to older adults so each story is very relatable. 

This is a good book to read to build on your faith because you will feel compelled to get closer to God after reading each chapter. What’s crazy about each story is that it involves things that we or people we know go through everyday (car accidents, illnesses, etc.) 

I highly recommend this book. I have a completely new outlook on life and my faith in God. 

If you wish to become apart of the blogger program with Bethany House Publishers feel free to sign up here http://www.bethanyhouse.com/bookreviewers 

Thank you all for reading this post and I will talk to you all in my next post, muah! 


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