Buisness in the Front, Party in the Back! 

Hey Goldens, in today’s post I wanted to incorporate a look that was for those of us who like neutrals , darker colors, or just want to be simple but yet stylish. 

This skirt has to be my favorite items from the outfit because it’s so so so so comfortable and soft! Also the shape of it is so flattering on the body. I can see myself wearing this during all seasons becuase the color is very versatile. This skirt in particular was bought last spring/summer, but I will be linking a similar skirt below. This top is a piece that my aunt gave me and I haven’t been able to figure out a way to wear it until now. I definitely like it tucked in because the tee has more shape to it that way. And can we talk about the back of the top! You would think it was a simple black tank but oh no no it’s so much more! I like to incorporate fun pieces like this because it takes a simple outfit to a new level. 

Thank you all for all for tuning in to today’s post. As always I hope that this gives you inspiration for your next outfit. Talk to you all in my next post, muah! 

Outfit Details: Old Skool Vans , Skirt  


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