How I style Sporty Clothing 

Hey Goldens, it’s reaching the end of my spring semester in college and I have little desire to play dress up, so I’ve been rocking sporty styles lately. I wanted to share with you all how I wear sporty clothing while still adding a little chic to it (did that makes sense…? Mmmm, let’s just go with it haha!). 


I like to have a graphic top if my bottoms are pretty simple so I can spruce up the outfit and not make it look to bland. If my bottoms are , let’s say graphic leggings, then I may have a simple top in order to balance out the outfit. I may also have a simple top and simple bottoms if my shoes are the staple piece of the outfit. It’s all about balancing. 


My bottoms are typically a solid color , normally  darks, which makes it easy to match when it comes to tops and shoes. Some of my bottoms may have bright colors or designs that will make them stand out but if it’s a solid color or simple design it still makes it easy to come up with a quick style for class. 


For the most part I do like my shoes to be the staple of my outfit so I will either do simple top and bottom and have a staple shoes, or sometimes if I’m feeling bold and if it’s not too much I will have a staple shoes and top or bottom. What works best for me is to find the outfit first and then match the shoes that I feel looks best for the specific outfit. If I have a staple top and or bottom then I will keep the shoes simple. 


This is optional, if I get to throwing on some jewelry then I do, if not then I’m headed out the door. When I wear jewelry I tend to grab my staple pieces – Kendra Scott neckalace, stargaze choker, fossil watch, James Avery ring and bracelet, and pandora bracelet. I typically keep my earrings on throughout the night so I’m good to go I that area. 

This is just my regiment in how I come up with a sporty yet stylish look. Feel free to take ideas from this but also let me know your style tips in how you style your sporty looks. Also don’t get me wrong some days I just throw on an overall simple look but if I want to look a tad bit presentable I go by this regiment. 

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Talk to you all in my next post, muah! 


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