” Long Time Gone” Book Review

A few months back I signed up for the Bethany House Publishers Blogger Review Program. This program is one that allows bloggers to receive books for free, read, and review them . Upon signing up, every month you will receive an email with a list of books to choose to review. You can only select one and although you select it there may not be a chance that you will receive it. If selected an email with be sent to you letting you know that you were chosen and the criteria for book review. 

One of the books that was sent to me, complimentary for reviewing purposes, was “Long Time Gone” by Mary Connealy. The book is western based, but is pleaseant to read even if your not into this type of genre. I like more self help books and girly mysteries (ex: Pretty Little Liars) but it was exciting to step out of the box and read something different. 

I was amazed at how much I actually enjoyed reading this book. It’s an easy read thats not challenging but I would recommend it for middle school and up. Its slow paced in the beginning but it’s easy to get side tracked if your not paying attention to detail. The detail that Connealy provides in this book is one of the things that I like most. I really felt like I could picture the scenes and feel what the characters were going through. The characters felt so relatable because of the details given. 

The details are also what makes the plot and story line so intriguing . You want to know more as you continue to read and figure things out and make your own assumptions of what’s going to happen next. Connealy really keeps the reader on their toes with this western mystery. I would have liked more action to make me even more on edge but the action that was given with the detail of each situation was enough to make this book pleasant without being too grimy. 

Overall I recommend this book to anyone who’s looking to try something different and also likes action/mystery books. It’s truly a great book to dig into. You will not only have a great time reading it but also learn a thing or two from it. 

I would like to thank Bethany House Publishers & Mary Connealy  for giving me the chance to read this amazing book . 

Talk to you all in my next post, muah! 


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