W-7 Banana Dreams Face Powder First Impression 

I’ve been on the hunt for a good face powder , that I can bake with, that will not make me look ashy. I used to use Laura Mercier translucent powder but I started to notice a white cast over my face. Then I tried her medium – deep face powder for WOC but that powder was too close to the color of my skin to bake with. 

I began to do some research on You-Tube to see what other powders WOC beauties use and I seen a lot of people recommending the Sacha Buttercup powder, Ben nye powder,  and the w7 Banana Dreams Powder. 

I decided to pick up the w7 powder because it was the cheapest on Amazon (literally just about $6 with free shipping, I’m sorry I couldn’t pass that up). The only downfall to ordering this powder is that it ships from the U.K , where they sell it, so it took about two or more weeks to get it delivered here in the U.S. , and also since the powder was a cheap price and tracking numbers are $25+ , I did not recieve a tracking number. 

If I do decide on repurchasing this powder I may order two or three so that it will be a while before I order the product again. 

Other than recieving a tracking number and the product taking a while to get to me the product is overall a great powder. The package nor the product was not damaged when I received it. The size is smaller than the Laura Mercier powder but it’s big enough to last a while. 

The banana color is great to bake with because it makes my face look more lifted and I do not look ashy. 

Let me know if you all have tried this product out or the Sacha Buttercup  or Bennye powders.Which one do you think is best? 

Thank you all for reading and I will talk to you all in my next post , muah! 


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