Valentine’s Gifts for Her

So that special day is coming up where love is in the air. I think the world needs this day this year to be quite honest. So whether you are spending this day with a significant other or not I’m sharing some treats to either buy for yourself, a friend, or a significant other. 

Peach PaletteThis palette is  for the makeup lovers in your life . It smells like heaven and is great for dressing up or a simple look for class. 

ABH lip paletteThe Anastasia Beverly Hills lip palette is the perfect gift for the makeup lover in your life as well. This kit allows your loved one to come up with endless matte lip colors. This item will save money in the long run. 

Free People Allure PulloverThis cozy pullover won’t disappoint. It’s great for those chilly mornings to wear to class or just something cute to lounge around in. Either way who ever you get this for will thank you ! 

Stargaze Jewelry– This brand offers endless chokers, neckalaces, and rings that are great for gifting to someone or buying for yourself. The jewelry is a simple and elegant touch to any outfit! You can use my discount code to get $5 off of a purchase of $20 or more ( 5JRA-DMUL-P3T9 ). Enjoy! 

Pandora Rose Gold RingThis is the perfect piece of jewelry that will make her eyes light up. It’s a classic piece that she will wear everyday. It’s also a stackable that can be worn with other pandora rings. 

Old Skool Vans– These shoes are really on trend at the moment. Plenty of bloggers have been seen sporting different looks with these classic and casual shoes. Their perfect to wear with a casual outfit for class or running errands. Your loved one with love these because she can easily throw these on with any outfit . 

Nike Crew Running ShortsThis is the perfect gift for the athletic queen in your life. These shorts are comfortable and fitted . I like to wear these to class, gym, and when running errands. She will be addicted to these shorts as much as I am (secretly thinking about buying more colors, brb).

Let me know if you have these items or plan on picking one or a few of them up for your loved one, and don’t forget to let me know what she thinks when the day arrives. 


Is ZAFUL a scam? 

Have any of you all heard of Zaful? It’s a Chinese online clothing store that sells a variety of clothing that’s inexpensive. A lot of people have had bad experiences with the shop ,but mine on the other hand went well, so today’s post is going to be about the item I bought and my overall satisfaction with the brand. 

I’ve been eyeing a pair of leggings on Pinterest but I’m the type of person that’s skeptical of ordering from brands that I’m unaware of. Months went by and I noticed the leggings were on sale for $12, so I clicked the link from Pinterest, made an account, and proceeded to checkout. I was able to use a discount code from their Instagram, and without being a member for only five minutes I had redeemable points for my order. The order came out to be $9 and some change after tax and shipping charges. 

When I received the tracking number I was confused with how to track the package but once I figured it out I was able to see all movement the package made. It took the package ten days to get to my location and came USPS. 

The package was sealed tightly and the leggings did not have any damage to them. I ordered a size small (should’ve ordered a medium) and the leggings were stretchable and comfortable. Although the brand is cheap the material was soft and not itchy at all. 

I wore the leggings to the gym and they were great to workout in. I was able to bend, squat, and comfortably sit in the leggings. 

Overall I’m satisfied with my purchase. The only problem I may have with them is to remember to wear the right underwear , lol! Other than that I love the leggings and look forward to wearing them more and more in the future. For the price and brand that it is I admire the quality. I’m not sure how long they will last but as of now I’m satisfied . 

If you have any questions about this online shop or wish to discuss your purchase(s) from this shop fill free to leave a comment! Talk to you in my next post. 

Details- Sports Bra (Victoria Secret), Leggings (Zaful), Bracelets (Pandora & Alex and Ani), Choker (Stargaze Jewelry) 

My Fav Makeup Brushes

Do you tend to reach towards a certain brush that you can’t get enough of ?  I know I do! I wanted to share my favorite brushes with you all on today’s post. 

From top to bottom: 

Sigma Flat Kabuki F80 brush – I use this brush for BB cream/ foundation . It blends well and leaves an even finish. The bristles on this brush are super soft and thick. I do experience a tiny bit of shedding but nothing to worry for. 

Elf Small Tapered Brush – I am obsessed with how awesome and cheap this Elf brush is. I use it for highlight but you can also use it for dusting away powder and applying blush. The bristles are super soft,it’s crazy, and so far I have not experienced one bit of shedding. I recommend elf if your starting your makeup collection because the brushes are just as , or even better, than high end brushes. 

Japonesque Angled Brush – This brush and I go way back to my freshman year in college . I’ve had it ever since because it gets the job done! I use it to fill in my brows. I love how small and stiff the bristles are. I really can get an even and precise line with this brush. Definitely a holy grail!

Anastasia Blending/Flat shader brush – I primarily use the blending side of this brush but the flat shaded side is just as awesome. The blending end is not as soft and tends to shed, but it really helps blend harsh lines ,and the flat shader side is great because it’s small enough to precisely cover the eyelid for shadow. Unfortunately this brush only comes with the ABH palettes (if you do decide to pick up one I suggest the Modern Renaissance), but I would want to try out their blending brush that’s sold separately because the quality looks better . 

Anastasia #20 brush – This is another holy grail brush that I have had since freshman year of college. I can’t do my brows without this brush. The spooley end helps brush out the hairs, and the flat end helps with precicely highlighting around the brows with concealer . I have not experienced any shedding with this brush. I recommend purchasing this brush if you like to highlight your brows. 


I hope this post has allowed you all to find out more about the brushes I like to use . If you decide on picking up any of these brushes or already own them, let me know. And if you like these type of favorites posts then let me know as well. Until next time, xoxo! 

One Jacket 4 Options ! 

Idk about where you all live, but here in Texas the weather has been off and on. One day it’s cold, then windy, then hot. I literally can’t keep up! So that’s why I wanted to style a jacket four ways for the cool weather. 

The Blnk Nyx Moto jacket I’m featuring in today’s post is one that I picked up from Nordstrom during their Anniversary Sale (If available I’ll link below). I chose this jacket to feature because it’s the perfect winter accessory that is great for dressing up or down. The silver hardware makes it look edgy and expensive . The quality is great, this will not be a piece that will decay after a few wears. I would recommend sizing up if your looking for a loose fit because it is snug (I’m wearing a small for reference).

Look One- Simple

I love how this jacket is a statement piece, in that you can easily wear your favorite tank or v-neck under and your good to go! I love pairing the jacket with a black v-neck because its very simple and  chic without looking lazy . I picked up my v-neck from target (I pretty much get all my basic tees from there, their soft, come in a lot of colors, and affordable!)

Look Two- Retro 

I know the fall is not upon us anymore but that doesn’t mean you can’t sport a few fall styles while it’s still cool out. This look reminds me of the 70’s for some reason and I’m so for it! All you would need is a good pair of bell bottoms and your good to go! 

I love how this burnt orange turtle neck compliments the brown in the jacket. This is another simple and effortless pairing that dresses up the jacket without requiring too much work! This turtle neck is super thin which is great for Texas weather because it gets hot QUICK! I picked it up from Anthropologie on clearance, but I’ll link one below that would be a great pairing as well.

Look Three: Hipster 

If you live in colder states then this option is great for you. Although this jacket can be snug I was able to manage fitting a flannel underneath without the jacket being tight. I also paired the target v-neck under the flannel for extra warmth. The flannel’s colors balances the brown in the jacket and gives off a relaxed look. I would pair this would a nice pair of dark wash skinny jeans and my white hightop converse to finish it off. 

Look Four: Snuggle Bunny 

For this last look I really wanted to vision a really cold and windy day where I would want to be anywhere but outside. I’m sure we’ve all had one of those days and this scarf is the best relief. I picked up this eyelash infinity scarf from urban outfitters and I just want to fall asleep whenever I wear it . It’s thick enough to keep you warm and EXTREMELY soft! The green in the scarf look great with the jacket and is big enough to cover the front opening so you can throw on your favorite tee and this scarf and keep it moving. 

I like to wear dark wash jeans with this jacket, just a personal preference, but light wash jeans would be great as well. The jeans I’m wearing are from Nordstrom and are the brand Hudson. These were a Nordstrom Anniversary Sale purchase as well, so if its still available I will link below. If you can get your hands on a pair of Hudson jeans then you should consider purchasing them. The quality is supurb, I love how they snatch everything into place while also being stretchable and soft as well. Their definitely one of my favorite purchases. 


Moto Jacket 

Target v-neck Tee 

Turtle neck (This one is a mock neck from urban outfitters that is black , that will look just as good with the jacket.)

Urban outfitters flannel On sale for $19.99 (I’m wearing an urban renewal flannel from Urban Outfitters , which is not online ,so I linked a similar flannel from Urban.)  

Urban outfitters scarf On sale for $19.99  

Hudson jeans 

I hope you all have enjoyed today’s post. Let me know if you would like to see more post like this in the future ! 

The Wonderful Wonders of Dr. Bronner’s !

Hey Goldens! 

Today I want to talk about a product that has multiple uses which is a plus for me! I’m not sure if you all have been introduced to this lovely soap, so let me let you know the wonderful wonders of Dr. Bronner’s .

This soap comes in multiple scents (the lavender scent is shown in the image above) . I am not sensitive to smells but this soap has a very light scent to it, so that it smells great without being overbearing . 

It is a foaming soap which I personally like but this may be a (-) for you based off of preference. 

*If you have sensitive skin then I would ask a doctor first before using because the scent and any of the ingredients may be harmful towards your skin*. 

The 16 oz is about $8 -12 and can be found at HEB, Urban Outfitters, and Target. The soap also comes in a larger size which is around $12-16. If you want to try it out before committing to a large quantity, Target sells mini travel sizes for around $1-5. The cheapest I’ve seen the soap is at HEB (besides the travel mini’s), so if you can get it there then do so. Personally I’ve had the 16oz. for a while now, and even after using it in the shower and for other things I mention, I still have a good amount left. A little goes a long way with this soap! 

 Makeup Remover : 

I tested this buddy out when I wanted to remove a full face of makeup one night and I was extremely pleased with the results. After just one – two wipes my face was erased of majority of the makeup I used. 

** I used the product to remove my eye makeup and that was a BIG NO NO! The ingredients within this product made my eyes burn like fire ,and I had to constantly rinse with water to get rid of the sting, so I only recommend using this to remove face makeup.**

Body/ Face

This soap has become a game changer when it comes to my new shower routine. Were all friends here (but a little T.M.I), so I’m going to explain how I know this soap works good with cleaning all of the dirt from your skin. I’ve always used it when in the shower but one day I wanted to soak in the tub and I used the soap to cleanse…when I tell you the entire tub was full of dirt I could not believe it! I shower/bathe everyday and I was shocked by how much dirt came off of my body. The next day I used a different body wash just to compare and the amount of dirt was extremely minimal compared to the night before. I guess it’s safe to say that this is going to be my go-to soap for cleansing because after that experience I cannot trust another brand! 

I do like to use this product as a face wash although I’m not to keen on it getting in my eyes . I have used my Foreo Luna with a small dab of the soap and the amount was enough to cleanse my entire face. I rinsed the soap off without any getting in my eyes, so I would recommend using this as a face wash . 

I also use this product to lather before I shave and it leaves my skin soft and bump free! 

Makeup Brush Cleaner 
I wanted to try this out on my makeup brushes to see if this could also be a holy grail in that area too. The results were good ,but I did not like how harsh the soap was on my brushes. Some of my brushes were somewhat stiff and not fluffy after washing, so I will stick to using the johnson and johnson baby wash on them (which I highly recommend because the soap is very gentle and leaves my brushes feeling really soft!) .

Other Uses…

The things listed above are what I typically use Dr. Bronner’s for but there are endless things you can do with this soap! 

Also the soap comes in bar form and the brand sells other products like toothpaste as well! You should definitely check their products out , you won’t regret it! 

Until next time Goldens , xoxo! 

Petroleum Jelly as a Makeup Remover ! 

Have you ever had that feeling of not having any makeup remover or makeup wipes ? Well I did not too long ago and a tub of Vaseline saved my life! 

If you have seen my YT video on the majic makeup wipes from Sephora then you would know how much I love them. At the time I had just thrown away my second one in the pack of two and I had no makeup remover cleanser. 

I scuffled around to find something but all I had was a tub of Vaseline. I have never heard of Vaseline used as a makeup remover but I decided to give it a try. The Vaseline removed my eyeshadow and the rest of my face makeup with a few circular movements. The Vaseline left my face feeling soft and washed away of the layer of makeup. 

I followed up with my Clarisonic Mia 2 to wash away any deep build up in my pores and I was good to go! 

I learned my lesson and now I make sure I keep a makeup towel handy. Now instead of using my hands to remove the makeup with the Vaseline I dip the towel in the tub and scoop up a small amount and apply it to my face in circular motions to remove the makeup. 

I am currently using the Ulta Beauty makeup remover towel which comes in a pack of two as well and is $10 compared to sephora’s $12. I love both of the makeup towels equally so I recommend either one. Make sure to watch my review of the Sephora towel to see why their my obsession! 

I think this is a great way to remove your makeup without breaking the bank. A large tub of Vaseline can last you way longer than the average makeup remover cleansers. Also you can use the Vaseline for other purposes as well which is always a good thing. 

Let me know if you have tried this before or if you plan on doing so I would love to hear you all’s thoughts. 

Until next time, xoxo-Golden.