Bob Cut Review (The RBexperience) 

(Disclaimer: All opinions are mine) 

Welcome back Goldens! Today I wanted to speak on a hair appointment that I had with Mrs. Ronnita Huff (@therbexperience). She is a Houston hair stylist, you may remember when I blogged about her back in August when she made a sew in on a cap for me. The sew in on a cap is her signature style that she provides for customers . 

Since the sew in on a cap was so good I was able to re-use it for another installation. This time I wanted to try a bob cut look . I tried this style last winter from another stylist ,and it did not come out as I would have liked ,but I wanted to try it again because I had seen the great work that Mrs. Ronnita has done via Instagram. 

I was going for a blunt cut bob (even all around). The hair originally was two 18 inches and one 20 inch long . 

I not only went in for the install (included a wash)($60) and a bob cut ($30), but also a trim ($12)on my natural hair. She washed/ conditioned my hair first, blow dried my hair, trimmed it, braided it, installed the cap, and did the bob cut. 

I was in the shop at most an hour in a half. Mrs. Ronnita is known for her quick service and that is exactly what I received. The time also flew by because of the great conversation that we had. Whenever I go in to Mrs. Ronnita’s shop she always is loving and gives great advice. Some stylists tend to not want to teach their clients because they want more service from them , but it is obvious that Mrs. Ronnita cares about her customers and wants them to be educated about their hair care. 

 I also love that she is always finding a way to reinvent herself . She is the first stylist that I have seen that has a backdrop and ring light set up for before and after pictures. She also has done numerous of hair shows and fashion shows to add to her resume and she does not intend to stop there. I love how she is adding a modern touch to the word stylist. She is a true visionary that is making a name for herself in Houston. 

Thank you all for check in to read another review about the awesome Ronnita Huff! If you wish to make an appointment download theRBexperience app in the app store! 

The hair that I am using is the Peruvian body wave from elite hair. They are Houston based but also have a website ( . You can follow them on Instagram @elitehair. They are always having amazing deals on their hair so make sure to check them out as well. 

See you all in my next post , 😘! 


Natural Eyepalettes Worth Trying 

Hey Goldens! If any of you are looking for any new natural palettes ,or are beginners and want to dip into trying upscale natural palettes, I have rounded up a few new and old palettes that are worth checking out. They are great for the person who wants to create an effortless look that still looks like you took 30 minutes to do. Most palettes are bold and can be intimidating but not these! They take the cake when it comes to simple. All palettes are also great for any skin tone. 

*All images are not mine. I have found awesome swatches and/or images of each palette to show to you all. *

Morphe 35o 

I’m sure some of you have heard about the cult favorite 35o palette ($22.99) by morphe (which is currently sold out). The palette is inspired by nature and is great for year round natural eye looks. Morphe also came out with the all matte (on sale for $22.99 and currently in stock!!) and shimmer (on sale for $22.99 and in stock!!) versions of the palette for anyone who wants to have one or the other. The good thing about Morohe is that they try not to make the same colors twice so even if you have the original 35o you can still have the shimmer and matte palettes in your Wishlist! 

Original morphe 35o
Matte morphe 35o
Shimmer morphe 35o

Tarte’s Tartellete In Bloom ($45) & Tartiest Pro ($53) Palettes 

I personally have not tried out any of tarte’s shadows before,but by the looks of these palettes I easily fall in love! The Tartellete palette is more natural because it consists of tans and brown with a few shimmer shades. While the Tartiest pro palette is natural as well with a little kick as it has deeper reds, oranges, and burgundy colors. Both would be perfect for yourself or anyone who needs an everyday palette to lean towards for work or school. I would personally recommend the tartlette in bloom because it’s small and compact so it’s easy to have in your purse makeup bag and it’s a great start to our makeup collection if your just beginning. The pro palette is much more of an investment and is good if you are looking for more colors to choose from.

I had a difficult time trying to find swatches of this palette for brown skin but there are several tutorial and looks on women with darker skin.

Too Faced Chocolate Bar and Semi-Sweet ($49 ea.) Palettes 

Too faced is known for their cult favorite chocolate palettes that not only look good but smell good too! I mean…who doesn’t like a palette that can make them hungry? The good thing about these palettes are that the shadows are blendable and build able. The shadows are good transitional shades and the palettes come with a variety of colors that you can choose that allows for a natural eye look that is unique to you. The chocolate bar has more deeper hues for anyone who wants a natural look with a little more color. Semi-sweet as has more brown shades that are great for a quick and simple look that’s good for the working girl who wants to look good without wasting too much time.  I say each one is perfect together or separate! 

Naked Ultimate Basics Palette ($54)

 This blog post is all about basic palettes , so it would not be right to not add the naked ultimate basics palette that was made simply for this topic! This palette consists of all matte shadows that consists of shades that allow for day or night look. It can’t get much better than this! All of the colors are great for transition and can be used alone for the perfect look. As you can see the palette is good for any skin tone and is slim and compact enough to through in your purse or for travel. 

I enjoyed creating this post for you and I hope you all liked it as well. It’s always great to have a good basic palette in your stash that you can reach for every now and then. So…what are you waiting for…Treat Yo Self ! 😘

Too Faced- Sweet Peach First Impression

As some of you may or may not know the Too Faced Sweet Peach palette launched this past spring and everyone was in a frenzy to get it. Personally I am embarrassed to say that I was unaware of its launch until this past fall. When I seen the gorgeous swatches I knew that this palette had to be mine! Idk about any of you but when I want something I cannot get my mind off of it until I find it. I found out that the palette was coming back out in December and I patiently awaited its arrival. I was so happy that Jerrod Blandino made tons for everyone for the second launch. I was able to snag mine at Ulta and was able to get 20% off because I was a rewards member. *seriously if you all have not already, sign up for Ulta and Sephora rewards because you will receive reward member only offers!* 

I am in love with this palette. All of the colors are georgeous . I did notice that  I did have to swatch the lighter colors two or three times more than I had to with the darker colors. The color Bellini is my favorite !!!! That color is the most pigmented in my opinion. 

The palette has a great variety of shimmer and matte shades that are very natural as well. I notice most people tend to stray away from bold color palettes because their not as practical. This palette is very practical . Just by looking at it I can see myself grabbing it for a night out, class, work, etc. There are endless possibilities for this palette . If I were you I would snag it before it’s gone ! 

Have any of you picked up the palette? If so, how are you liking it? Let me know if you all want to see a post with a few looks from this palette. 

Until next time, xoxo – Golden! 

L’oreal Ever Curl- (sulfate free) Curl Care System Review!

(Disclaimer- I was sent a complementary package of the new  L’oreal Ever Curl system from Influenster. All opinions are my own.)

Hello Goldens! Today I’m sharing with you a curl system for all of my curly haired viewers. I’m sure we all have gone through our fair share of bad hair days and look to the heavens to seek some sort of help . I know I have ! So when I had the opportunity to try out the new L’oreal curl system I hopped on it! I’m typically someone who likes to stick to my holy grails but I’m open to trying different products. 

Here is how the packaging and products look. As you can see this is a three step system of shampoo, conditioner, and sculpt and hold cream gel. The products are generous in size and smell heavenly.  I wanted to try out the sculpt and hold cream first to see if it was possible to use without having to wash and condition my hair. Typically throughout the week before I begin my day I like to dampen my hair and add any oils and cream to help moisturize my hair without needing to shampoo . 

I wanted to try out the gel cream in the middle of the week when my hair was dry and needed a little pick me up. As you can see in the images above my hair was in need of moisture! Do to being an athlete I tend to sweat my hair out of its moisture when I workout ,so a daily moisturizer is needed in my hair care routine. 

Since I am only using the gel cream I dampened my hair and split it into four divisions so that I can properly moisture and detangle all parts of my hair. I used two pumps of the cream for the back sections of my hair and three pumps for the front sections. The pumps for each section was different because I did not divide my hair evenly, but the amount of pumps used will depend on how thick and/or long your hair is. I would apply one pump if your not sure and then add if needed. 

After evenly distributing the product throughout my hair I immediately began to see results. I was afraid that because the product read gel that my hair would be crunchy but to my surprise my hair is as soft as a cotton ball…Literally! The cream balances out the gel and helps maintain the curl pattern while still having the hair look and feel smooth and soft. 

I would say that my second day hair is very dry after doing this method, which could be due to my hair needing to be washed, but If the product was just a moisturizer then my hair would not be as dry. The added gel defines the curl pattern but will sink in over time and cause dryness. So I would say that the gel-cream is good for a daily wash and go. 

So now that you have seen how the gel cream is on its own let’s see how the entire collection works together .

I began by washing my hair with the shampoo provided and I noticed that it had a good lather and did not dry out my hair . After shampooing I seperated my hair and applied the conditioner evenly throughout. I then began to detangle my hair while still having the conditioner in . After detangling I like to leave the conditioner in while I shower in order for my hair to soak up the moisture. 

I did notice that the conditioner is not as moisturizing as my other conditioner that I use which was a disappointment because my hair lacks moisture, but my hair did have shine which I like because it does not look dull or dry.

Once done showering I rinse the conditioner out with cold water to seal moisture into my hair . Then I followed up with my normal routine for my hair after washing it ( if you all will like to see a blog post on my routine let me know!). 

I wanted to only use the products given so that I can really see how they work on their own. I used the cream-gel in my hair before styling and I proceeded to finish my routine which consists of braiding my hair in 4-8 sections and finger curling the ends .

I leave my hair braided overnight while my hair drys and in the morning I unbraid it and style it for the day. 

The next morning when I I braided my hair I noticed that my hair was dry overall , especially at the ends. My curls were also not defined as they normally are when I do my normal routine. I had to dampen my hair and go into my other products in order to get the preferred style that I desired. If I try out the products again I will most likely use my other products as well to see if I get better results.

Final thoughts: I like how the cream-gel allows my hair to hold its curl but the products overall are not fit for me. I’m not sure if the products will work better on other hair textures but the products strip my hair of moisture. I also am not able to use the products on their own in order to achieve the look that I want.

I’m so glad I was able to test out these products before they go into stores! I really believe that the products have potential but just need to be tested on a variety of hair textures. For me I like my hair soft and moisturized and I would like to see this product be able to so that. 

Until next time Goldens, xoxo!