Makeup Haul 

So as some of you may know, a lot of makeup has came out lately, especially palettes! I picked up a few new arrivals, as well as other items that have been been on my wish list for a while now.

I’m going to start off with the smaller items and then talk about the makeup palettes last. 

T&B (left) & Smoked Almond (right)

I always love looking to Pinterst and Instagram for any new arrivals that have recently came out. I saw someone do an insta review on the Mac Liptensities and I immediatey knew I had to try them out. 

I picked up the shades toast and butter and smoked almond

I needed a new nude color and T&B is the perfect nude for any skin tone. I definitely would recommend keeping this one in your makeup bag when your on the go. 

S.A. is a settle pink that reminds me of the color of salmon (but not as bright). I love this color because it can go with just about any outfit and adds just enough pop of color! 

My birthday was in September ,and as a b-day gift for being an Ulta rewards member I was able to get this full size Urban Decay shadow in midnight cowboy.  

This shadow is perfect for highlighting the brow bone or when you want a little shimmer on the lid. 

If you haven’t watched my review on the Sephora makeup remover towels, then you should! These Ulta beauty towels are very similar to those but just a few dollars cheaper , which never hurt anyone! Just like the Sephora towels these are a two pack as well , and depending on how much you wear makeup, each towel should last you two-three months. 

Make sure to watch my review on these microfiber towels, because I share how to use them and the reason why I’m obsessed! 

I am also apart of the Sephora rewards program as well, so I snagged a b-day gift from them too. I had two or three options to choose from, but I went with this Marc Jacobs beauty set. 

So far, I have used the liner to line my water line and it works pretty good. 

I wore the lipstick once (check my birthday post on Insta) and I really like how pigmented it is. It’s the perfect pink for summer/spring. 

I have been needing a new highlight brush and a flat shader brush, so I picked these up from Ulta . The quality is AWESOME, I love how soft they are and how they do not shed .When I first tried these brushes out they felt better than any of the high end brushes that I own. So I definitely recommend trying out Elf brushes if you need a new brush or are just starting out and with makeup. 

The last small things I picked up from Ulta was the Mario Budescu Rosewater spray, Nyx tea tree elixir, and a free tarte (lights, camera, lashes) mascara. 

I have heard a lot of great things about the Mario Budescu Rosewater spray and so far, I have only used it once and I see what the hype is about. My skin feels softer and refreshed when I used it . I plan on spraying some onto my face after cleansing and spray on brushes when applying shadows for a more dewy look. 

I have only used the Nyx elixir once when I applied my foundation and it made my application more blendable . I dropped a small amount onto my foundation brush, added my foundation ontop afterwards, and then applied the combo onto my face. I was so amazed by how blendable the mixture was. You can also use the elixir by itself (as it is good for acne prone skin) and/or to prime before makeup use. Before I purchased the elixir I read reviews about how the smell was not the best, but to me the smell does not bother me. It is slightly strong and smells like an antibiotic but the smell does not last. 

One of my good friends on the track team bought me a MAC gift card for my b-day . I used it to pick up a Mac pigment in the shade tan. I used the pigment once with the flat shader brush from elf (shown above) and the color was AMAZING! I dampened the elf brush when I used the pigment and I loved how the color showed on my skin. 

The other two items from Mac are samples – mascara and eye shadow primer. 

The Master palette is the recent collab between Anastasia Beverly Hills and Mario (Kim K’s makeup artist). This palette is great for the fall season as well as creating neutral looks year round. 
I love how this palette is packed with a ton of shimmers. I personally need more shimmers in my life so this palette was perfect for me. Also the colors instantly pop on my skin . 

*(Unfortunately this item was a limited edition, so I am not sure if you will be able to purchase)*

So, like I said, I need more shimmers in my life, which is why this palette is the palette of my dreams! I have had my eye on this beauty for some time now and I’m so happy that I finally picked it up. The Morphe 35F Fall to Frost palette is great for any occasion and will be my go to for the perfect lid color. I cannot wait to play with this palette for my next tutorial. 

If you have made it to the end your the best! Thank you for reading about my new  makeup additions , I hope this has given you some inspiration as well as ideas when picking up any makeup in the future. Talk to you all in my next post, xoxo-goldenessential.


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