Fall 2016 Trends- Band Tees, Chokers, and Velvet 9-24-16

What do you all look to for your fashion inspo? I personally take to Pinterest as my go to , as far as finding new products, styles, and trends. Also Instagram and Twitter adds to my fashion obsession. 

Recently I have seen on social media, as well as Pinterst, some of latest fashion trends that have resurfaced . As you can tell from the title I am talking about band tees, chokers, and velvet. 

I first found out about band tees from my bf. When he told me about it I immediately took to Pinterest to see how girls style them and I came across many celebs rocking the trend. 

The thing I like most about the tees is that they can be dressed up (high wasted jeans/shorts , heels, chokers) or down (tennis shoes, jean jackets, leather jackets) . Also I feel that these tees can bring out every girl’s inner edgy. 

I have found a few that caught my eye from urban outfitters , and I recommend you guys look into them as well. Plus if you sign up for their rewards program you can receive points everytime you shop. Once you get to 100 points you receive an award, so get to shopping! 

So chokers did not begin as a fall trend, as they were around in the summer, but they have come to stay as many are continuing to find them apart of their fall fashion wardrobe.

Many of the celebs have played along with this trend and are winning if I might add! You can wear them with just about anything and make an outfit look better with just the perfect choker. If you have not tried it out I do recommend. I cannot see a choker looking bad on anyone. 

It took me awhile before I saw myself wearing a choker, but when I did, I looked into some that were resonably priced. Forever 21 has a bucket load of chokers on their website as well as in stores that are starting at $3.50!! That’s a deal you can not pass up. Some even compare to  urban outfitters and free people chokers that start at $8.00 and up. 

Velvet can be scary to think of wearing, and pull off at that, but so many cool pieces are coming out in velvet for the fall and  I think I just may try out the look. 

I especially like the velvet body suits because velvet can be a tad warm so a little skin won’t hurt . 

Urban Outfitters have many nice velvet pieces that are catching my eye , and I think they will catch yours as well. 

I like how Kendall Jenner wears her velvet body suit with the cut off shorts, as well as Hailey Baldwin who is giving her velvet dress some edge. 

I really feel like you can play around with this trend and really make it your own. 

Let me know if you all like the new fall trends and if you plan on taking part in them, because I know I will! 

[Disclaimer: Images are not my own . They are images from Pinterest searches.]


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