Three Bodysuits you need in your life! 

I’ve been obsessing over the bodysuit trend lately, and I have picked three suits that are basic must haves ! 

This first one is from Free People . It’s a soft, sexy, stretchy, ribbed suit that gives you shape instantly when you put it on. I love the simple v -neck detailing because it’s sexy without doing to much. The back is great as well because it’s not your typical tank style suit. Also you can adjust the straps which is a +! 

This suit comes in a variety of colors so you don’t have an excuse to not buy it. I stuck with this grey color and black because I needed some basics for my wardrobe.

Ignore the tan lines . The Texas heat is no joke!

This next piece is from Urban Outfitters it’s so sophisticated and can be worn dressed up or down. I love the sexy part of the suit because it’s revealing but in a classy way (if you know what I mean). The teardrop opening in the front is perfect for little exposer ,but also give you good coverage so there won’t be any nip slips. The back is fully exposed , making this piece different from any other basic bodysuits. I would wear this to a concert, club, party, or a restaurant (depending on what kind it is). 

The last body suit is one from Free People as well that is perfect for the Fall Season because it’s light and can be used as a layering piece of not alone. I like this piece because it’s snug without being uncomfortable. This is a perfect basic to have in your closet because it’s simple and needed for the fall and winter season. 


2 thoughts on “Three Bodysuits you need in your life! 

    • Thanks for stopping by. I definitely think they are an investment because for me tank tops are so annoying when tucking in because they look bunched up , so wearing a bodysuit is way better . Trust me I have bought these over time so do not feel the need to rush and buy. I think this trend will be here for a while. Also when you get a chance look into the velvet bodysuits as well. Those look very nice.
      I am about to go check out your blog now.


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