Sew-in on cap ! 

Hey Goldens, I’m back with a post about a  unique hair style that I got done by Mrs. Ronnita, if you all have been following me for a while then you have seen a post I made abut two months ago about Mrs. Ronnita. 
In that post I give you background about her ,as well as the excellent service she gave me when I went in her shop. 

That day I just got a simple wash and style with an additional clip of my ends. This time when I went in I got a sew -in on a cap. For those of you who are not aware of what the style is , it’s basically like a wig but one that Mrs. Ronnita makes from scratch. Your making a cap that’s unique to you. With wigs you have to just simply go with the options that the store provides ,but with this method your setting up your hairstyle that you and Mrs. Ronnita have came together to create.

Mrs. Ronnita actually came up with the name of this style herself,  because your not buying a wig your simply buying a sew in once. Imagine how much money your saving by just getting her to sew down the hair on a cap that you can take on and off whenever you please . Also the term just sounds a little better if you ask me. 

All you need is:

-bundles of hair (I used 18in., 20in, and 20in (Peruvian body wave) – (they have 2 Houston, Texas locations, as well as an online shop)) 

 *for reference I’m 5’4 , so if your shorter or taller than me you can see about how long you would want to get your bundles if your going for a longer look*

-Silk base or lace closure (I used a lace closure , 16in.) 

-dome cap (I went to my near-by beauty supply and pick up one for about $2-3) 

then drop the hair off to her 2-3 days before you want her to install it and bam! you have your sew-in on cap! 
It’s so simple and easy because you won’t have to deal with the hassle of leave out or wefts sewn into your braids. She braids your hair down , sews up any extra length from the braids , puts the cap on, sews down the perimeter of the cap , and voila!

Download the RBexperience app in the App Store for Houston appointments . 

Make sure to mention Golden Essential to get 30% off your style. 

Until next time Goldens, xoxo!  


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