Summer Obsession ! 

(From left to right : Urban Outfitters ($29, med. neutral), Nordstrom Rack/FreePeople ($17.97,med. pink ), Nordstrom Rack/FreePeople ($17.97, sm. aquatic blue), Urban Outfitters ($20, sm. nude/chair), Urban Outfitters ($20, sm. Grey) , and Nordstrom Rack/FreePeople ($5.99, med. ivory/sky) 
So I’m sure all of you have heard about or purchased a(n) bralette(s) . Well i have too and this summer they have been the key ingredient to some of my fashion choices of the summer. They are super comfortable because they do not have a wire that will stick you or make you feel like your wearing a bra. The tie around the neck gives an additional spice to any top your wearing with the gorgeous peek of detail, and did I not mention that it’s super comfortable? 

Majority of the bralettes I own are from urban outfitters because their $20, but I have found a couple at Nordstrom rack that were from Free People that were at an amazing price!

If your just starting out and want to try out the bralette but don’t want to spend $20-38  then I highly suggest going to Nordstrom rack or . They sell Free People bralettes as well as Calvin Klein so you will have a good selection of great quality bralettes to choose from. 

As far as size goes I normally wear a size small in both urban outfitters and free people bralettes . I am a 32dd in Victoria secret bras and a 32 d in other brand bras. Some of the bralettes I have are a medium because they were on a good deal and I didn’t want to pass them up and the medium was not as big ( ivory/sky, pink). The first bra/bralette ,that is high necked, I got in a medium because of the fit of it. The small would have exposed too much side boob, lol. 

So there you have it ! My summer obsession. Tbh I’m having a lot of summer obsessions so do not be surprised if you see another post like this soon. 

Until next time Goldens, xoxo ! 

Oh and happy July 4th! 🎉


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