New Skincare Favs ! 

Hello Goldens ! It’s been too long since my recent blog post. I am so excited to introduce two new skincare must haves that I have been using for a while now. 

From left to right, I will begin first with the Mario Budescu Drying Lotion($17 Nordstrom, Anthropologie, Ulta). I have been looking into something that will help with my dark marks that I have on my body that would not break the bank. This product is originally meant for acne but I also tried it on my dark marks and so far so good. Also it helps control oil within the skin. I am seeing improvement every time I use this product . How to use– This product is one that is used specifically at night , before you go to bed. You will leave this on all night and rinse with warm water in the morning. You do not want to shake this solution up, if you just so happen to drop it or have it laying flat then you would want to sit it up right and wait until the pink to drop all the way to the bottom of the bottle. You will then use a q-tip to stick into the bottle ,touching the pink solution at the bottom, and then apply the pink solution onto the acne or dark mark on your body. Allow for the product to dry before going to sleep. 

Next up , Supergoop! I originally bought the Mac Fix + not knowing that it was not a setting spray but yet a refreshing mist. I needed a makeup setting spray that will help with my oily T-zone. I first seen this product in the mini-size at Anthropologie and decided to look into all of the benefits that you can recieve from using it. The Supergoop setting spray is also a sunscreen that controls the oil in your face. I saw that Nordstrom sold the full size ($28 3.4 oz Nordstrom , $12 1.0 oz. Nordstrom, Anthropologie) and I decided to purchase it. So far I have seen that my face does not get oily as it does without using the spray. Also the spray can be used without wearing makeup because it’s a sunscreen.   I see this product being very useful and worth the price because it has several different uses. 

I hope these products help you all who have been on the hunt for sunscreen, zit zappers , setting spray, and oil control products. Until next time , xoxo! 


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