Studio Lux Houston Salon 

Hey there ! Today I will be talking about Mrs. Ronitta B. Huff , who has transformed my curls into a voluminous sleek look. I went in for a shampoo , trim, and style and she definetley delivered ! 

Before I went into the salon I was overdue for a wash and my curls needed to be detangled. As you can see here in this image I have tight curls . Having this type of curl pattern is difficult for me to maintain a straightened hair look,but Mrs. Ronnita B. Huff took on the challenge and excelled at it! 

When I first walked into the salon I could not help but notice this gorgeous decor that she has. My favorite has to be the striped wall. The salon expresses her style and her personality. 
The salon was very intimate, which I liked because I did not feel intimidated. I am normally a shy person but it was easy for me to really get to know Mrs. Huff as well as her getting to know me as well.

The conversation was very natural and organic. I felt right at home being in her salon because she treated me like family. 

So let’s get into how Mrs. Huff transformed my hair . She started out with a nice shampoo with a set up that felt very comfortable. Normally salon washes are uncomfortable to me because of how the shampoo chair or sink is structured, but in Mrs. Huff’s salon the shampoo chair felt comfortable and I was not as tense as I was in past salons. 

When she finished washing my hair she blow dried my hair straight. She was not rough at all while she was blow drying my hair. I am not tender headed but it’s good to have someone that’s gentle just in case if you are. 

After blow drying my hair she trimmed my hair while it was blow dried. I’m used to having my hair being trimmed when it’s flat ironed , so I was a little hesitant when she did this because it was a new technique that was never tried on my hair . I feel that it was unique and sets her apart from other stylists because she has the ability to blow dry my hair, my tight curled hair, straight enough to trim the ends. 

Although I was hesitant , she made sure that I was comfortable. Afterwards she straightened my hair and went back and touched up on any trimming that she may have missed when my hair was blow dried. She went piece by piece when she flat ironed my hair and afterwards she curled it and pinned it to give my hair a little volume. 

Having Mrs. Huff do my hair has gave me confidence and love for my hair . My hair has not felt this way in a long time and I have to thank Mrs. Huff for providing me with the expert service and knowledge about how to take care of my hair in order to maintain its health and growth. 

If you wish to make an appointment at Mrs. Huff’s Houston or Ohio Salon locations make sure to download her app: The RBexperience in the App Store. There you can see the services that she provides as well as her cost. 

Her Houston Location is located @ 6935 FM 1960 W. Suite 29 inside of the Salons by JC building . 

Also don’t forget to follow her on her social media platforms on Instagram & Twiter @therbexperience

If you mention my name then you can get 15% off any service of your choice at the Houton location.

Thanks for reading and talk to you all in my next blog post ! 


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